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Monday, September 10, 2007

Remembering 9/11

I watched you bravely bear

I was on a break from University so I was watching one of my favourite cartoons, Johnny Bravo. Suddenly I was interrupted by a newsflash; smoke was billowing from a building. “Big deal,” I muttered. “Bring Bravo back!”

“The sting of foreign killer bees from the air”

After five minutes, I began to get really impatient. “What is taking them so long? They should be returning to the scheduled programming by now!” As I was sitting there, fuming, watching smoke billowing from a building, a plane appeared on the TV screen…and flew right into a second building! I sat up.

So you dropped down to your knees

Amid prayers, profanities and pleas

Reluctantly taking with you thousands

Hoping that in time we would understand

I couldn’t understand it. How could a human being plan such a horrendous attack on his fellow human beings?

(Here is the rest of the story.)

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