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ROFFEKE is proud to partner with Additude Africa
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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Girls Rock!

This was posted by Shiku on the Women and rock forum. Shiku is studying Sociology and Psychology at Kenyatta University. We're working on a "Sociology of Rock" project. :-)She is a ROFFEKE founding member and a member of both Kenya Rocks and Kenya Punk. But most importantly, we are both members of the goth club of Kenya - the home of Kenyan 'weirdoes'.:-)

It was very weird the way this happened. I knew about the rock 'n' roll camp for girls and I had made a note to contact them regarding movies about girls/women and rock. But with my hectic schedule, this kept being moved further and further down my to-do list until it was forgotten. So I was very pleasantly surprised when I read Shiku's post on the Women and rock forum! Thanks Shiku!

'Hey, here's film about a rock and roll camp for girls. i quote form the website."The finished movie focuses on Laura, an articulate Korean adoptee obsessed with death metal; Misty, who is emerging from a life of meth-addiction, homelessness and gang activity; Palace, a sweet-seeming 8-year-old with a heavy metal sneer, and Amelia, who's writing a 14-song cycle about her dog Pippi. Forming bands, writing songs and playing a gig in one week, these girls and the rest of the camp engage in an experiment in empowerment that will leave no-one unchanged."

I haven't watched it yet tho i'd love to!here's the link.'

Monday, April 23, 2007

My top ten moments at the Sunday 22nd April Trackers gig

1.Murphy's Flaw: They opened with a not-so-flawless but still recognizable version of "Otherside" by RHCP. I love RHCP so personally, I thought it was a good way to start the show.
2.Murphy's Flaw: Did a Swahili rock song! It can be done!:-)
3.Murphy's Flaw: I noticed that with the exception of the lead singer, all the other band members were chicks. Girl power!
4.UTANOIA!: That's what someone labeled the band merger between Metanoia and Ueta. Brilliant stuff. I was very impressed.
9.Who's the lead singer of Navarone? He has very pretty hair:-)

At the show, I finally met Paul Maina – popularly known as mambono – another founding member of ROFFEKE, and a member of Kenya Rocks. Paul has been with Kenya Rocks since the very beginning when there were only about 10 members. Now we are over 70 members.

During those early days, I remember asking him whether he was a Bono fanatic like me since the latter half of his username is “bono”. No he’s not a bono fanatic. He is more of an Oasis fan. Though he was so moved by the video for “The saints are coming” (U2+Greenday) that he wrote a wonderful review of it.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

April Fool?

Four months to go...

Sunday was the first of April. And on Sunday I received my very first positive reply from a filmmaker. So I can be forgiven for thinking that Mr. David Hughens , the writer and director of Elvis' Grave , was making an April fool out of me.

It was too good to be true. And so I sent a reply, half-expecting that I would never hear from Mr. Hughens ever again. But surprise, surprise! I am not an April fool!