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ROFFEKE is proud to partner with Additude Africa
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ROFFEKE is proud to partner with
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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Reviews: Dejejum

Samuel Peregrino’s 2014 short film Dejejum is a mysterious and suspense filled drama. The film employs the use of narration throughout the film to accompany the acting. Peregrino has relied on the use of irony and overstatements which serve to heighten the viewer’s interest in the film. The music chosen for the film is mainly comprised of drum beats which match the fast pace of the film and heighten the suspense. Props like guns and dark glasses have been used to enhance characterization. Sound effects like gunshots have also been used to enhance believability. The film needs patience on the viewers end in order to understand what is happening.
- Jedidah Nguyo

The film was shot in an ideal mountainous and sparsely populated environment. The cinematography was superb since one can see clear real-life images. Sound/instruments were also well used. Dejejum has a continuous flow of events which are unpredictable hence making it thrilling. Actors coordinated well and they properly undertook their various roles. Dejejum keeps one in suspense throughout and in high anticipation of what would follow. Action film lovers will really enjoy it.
- Edward Mimi

The theme was fitting though not clear until the end of the story. The lesson on betrayal was very positive. It creates awareness in the fact that traitors cannot be trusted even amongst themselves. The music suited the specific sceneries especially the gangster music in the desert. The quality of acting was very superior and came out as natural and not forced. The storyline was truly mind blowing. What caught my attention was the short pauses in between the story where a quoted sentence or subtext preludes the next scene. I had to pause and digest its meaning, but it got clear on watching further. The disjointed scenes were rather confusing and worrying at first, but by the end of the film, the pieces of the story came together.
- Linet Njenga

Samuel Peregrino’s Dejejum begins with a prologue in which a man has been abducted by two gangsters who are armed with firearms and he is forced to follow them through the bush. The thugs are driving; at first enjoying music then engaging in a chat. The victim is led to a rock top at the shore of a reservoir. The video is fascinating and highlights the contemporary issues of insecurity.
- ROFFEKE Reviewer

The film mainly reflects on the deterioration of values in the society today. It uses acts like drug abuse, kidnapping, trickery, and murder to send this message. It also shows how things that people desire most can make them turn against each other.The film uses three musical tracks and has a narrator in some points. It has an interesting storyline and a captivating level of suspense. The cinematography and sound effects are excellent. The events unfold fast denying the viewer a chance to digest the occurrences and their causes.
- Njau M.

Spotlight on ROFFEKE Followers: Christopher Wellbelove

According to, "Wellbeloved" is of medieval origin and is a nickname for someone who was loved by everybody. ROFFEKE follower Christopher Wellbelove definitely seems to be loved by many. Perhaps it's because he is a "frequent smiler" or because he is one of the councillors of Lambeth.

Lambeth is a district in Central London and is where Charlie Chaplin spent his early years. Other well-known and well-loved people connected to Lambeth include David Bowie and Carl McCoy, the frontman for the gothic band "Fields of Nephilim".

Wellbelove is also a "marketer, professionally qualified social media expert, presenter, speaker, geek and former Mayor and Parliament candidate."