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ROFFEKE is proud to partner with Additude Africa
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ROFFEKE is proud to partner with
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Monday, January 1, 2024

Interview: Mario Luis Telles, Screenwriter of "Time"

 ROFFEKE: What inspired your screenplay “Time” and how long did it take you to write it?

MARIO LUIS TELLES: In 2020 I was stuck inside for most of the year because of covid. I couldn't be around people because things were so weird. So I wanted to hear a happy story. I sat down with the memories I had from my jamming days, I remembered how to format a script from my days at the University of New Mexico, and I had new memories from acting and being on set. I sat for about 12 hours at my computer and out came "Time". As soon as I wrote it I saved it and submitted as it was, no editing, just because I wanted my peers and colleagues to see my work as I am. It turned out to be a success beyond my wildest dreams. To be accepted as a person in any way is a huge achievement.

ROFFEKE: What was your writing process? Are you an outliner or a seat-of-the-pantser?😀

MARIO: I would have to really feel what I want to write. To affect me in such a way that I would have to sit down and tell a story. Most people wouldn't take the time to stop and think about it, but to me it's an opportunity to be that story teller. To tell a tv show ok you're coming to life, I got to get you out on to paper. Seat-of-the-pantser totally. I wish I had a team to bounce ideas from, but it's just me for now😃🎥.

ROFFEKE: What are your thoughts on artificial intelligence? Would you be open to “Time” being produced using artificial intelligence tools or would you prefer it to be produced in the normal way?

MARIO: Anything put through AI would be a fun experiment. Like a what if come to life. I would really enjoy seeing the show come to life the old way and possibly in front of a live studio audience. Norman Lear I know you hear me where ever you are, thank you for bringing the live studio audience to the show instead of a separate entity. Like you can tell the difference from I Love Lucy to All In The Family. One was part of the show(All In The Family), the other was a fun spectator(I Love Lucy). Always for the audience!

ROFFEKE: You have worked as a stage hand at The Super Bowl, you have been a radio show host, you have been a musical guest on a network late night show and you have performed as an actor/stand in/ photo double in more than 30 TV shows and movies. Your family has supported and stood by you through all of these accomplishments. What would you say to family members who, understandably, are hesitant to support their sons/daughters to pursue a career in the arts?

MARIO: I would say "Quit Being Jealous"(like a tv show title, hmmmm could be a new show😃🎥) because it's not you that is successful. You may be close in relation, but it's still not you. The child is going to be successful no matter what. You, the jealous one, need therapy at the very least. Mom or Dad lost it because of the bitterness and jealousy they had towards their child is such a tragic thing, but I've experienced that from my Dad. My mom was/is always supportive. She passed away from cancer complications, but she told me to never give up. My dad's stuck trying to be cool. It's weird and sad.

ROFFEKE: What advice would you give a budding screenwriter/actor/musician?

MARIO: Don't ever give up. You will be the outcome of your hard work. The success is already inside you. Let it come out as naturally and as beautiful as you are. I love you all so much you creative artist you. Thank you for your dedication to story telling and performance. The world needs you.