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ROFFEKE is proud to partner with Additude Africa
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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Food, Film and Rock 'n' Roll

Today is world food day so this post is going to touch on matters food, film and rock ‘n’ roll.

First, a glimpse into some of the short films and music videos submitted to ROFFEKE that touch on food or feature food:

Music Video - WOO HOO (You're So)
Director: Martin Brozers
Synopsis: An explosive Thai cook, an evil man on the fish market of La Paz and an old Provençale granny lying on her hospital bed. What on earth could connect them?... TV, of course! 2nd music video for the very rock band Jesus Is My Girlfriend.

Don’t you have a good feeling?
Synopsis: A young man decides to play a prank on a street cleaner in order to get the attention of a lady. But the lady has a much better idea.
Featured Food: Weird smelling food and a sandwich

Music Video - Wonderland: What do you really wanna say
Director: Eszter Angyalosy & Dániel Szőke
Featured Food: Marshmallows (I think). You can watch it here and let me know if it is indeed marshmallows.

Synopsis: "Wonderland is an imaginary band from the novel by the Hungarian authors Eszter Angyalosy and Akos Baranyai. But the imaginary band's imaginary biggest hit, 'What Do You Really Wanna Say' has become real, thanks to the musicians Adam Szeker, Gergely Ambrus Horvath and Akos Baranyai. Isn't it a wonder? Be part of this extraordinary experience, come with us to Wonderland, listen our song, watch our video, and enjoy the Wonderland feeling."

Speaking of imaginary bands, I would like to officially introduce The Shenganiguns. They feature prominently in the short film “Banned Band” which was shot on location at Pawa254. To conclude this blog post about food, film and rock ‘n’ roll, below is an interview of Shiru, head of “The Roaming Cook”. Lunch for the two days of shooting “Banned Band” was prepared by “The Roaming Cook.”

ROFFEKE: What were your observations when you were on the set of “Banned Band”?

SHIRU: I would be generic and just say that the cast and crew were very nice and accommodating and for the most part, that would be true.

ROFFEKE: What did you learn from this experience?

SHIRU: This experience for me was part of the learning curve. I got to see my coping mechanism at work. It is interesting working among young people.

ROFFEKE: What were your observations of the cast and crew?

SHIRU: I didn’t quite get to know the cast and crew. Here are a few observations...
I think Cajetan is amazing. He didn’t quite engage with me on any level though I would have appreciated the opportunity to interact with him.
His AD she is the real deal. Very supportive and solution oriented. I feel that she gets things done without being bossy and overbearing.
I think my fave cast member is Gitau. That’s a good man. Easy going, confident, kind and 100% helpful. He is a keeper!!
As for the producer, I’m grateful for the opportunity given to me. Very hard working and definitely talented in putting together a story, a crew and making it work. Leadership is about managing expectations while carrying the vision and ensuring that it all gets done. It is high pressure because individuals are hard to manage- they have opinions. In my opinion she did well.

Banned Band
Director: Cajetan Boy
Assistant Director: Jackie Emali
Writer/Producer: Mildred Achoch (founder of ROFFEKE)
Executive Producer: Dr. Marc Rigaudis (Film Department, USIU-A)
Caterer: The Roaming Cook