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ROFFEKE is proud to partner with Additude Africa

ROFFEKE is proud to partner with Additude Africa
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ROFFEKE is proud to partner with

ROFFEKE is proud to partner with
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Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Public Participation Workshop (2023) and ROFFEKE Conference (2020)

In 2020, during the Covid Pandemic, I (Mildred Achoch) organized an online ROFFEKE Conference where various players in the Kenyan rock community shared their triumphs and challenges. On June 19th and 20th, 2023, I attended a Public Participation workshop organized by KICTANET and ICNL. The workshop was informative and hands-on and it inspired me to go back and reflect on the 2020 ROFFEKE Conference in light of Public Participation principles.

Below is my preliminary attempt. The goal is not perfection, rather, it is to begin putting into practice what I learned during the workshop.



“Cost of equipment. This equipment is not cheap…the cost of insurance is also very high…it is difficult for artists to buy the equipment, store the equipment, maintain the equipment and pay for insurance…” - George Gachiri, rhythm guitarist of Kanyeki. Also guitarist of Hybrid Intuition.(Minute 5:16)

  • Policies about instruments?
  • National Creatives Summit : review of policies and legal instruments. Progress of policy reviews?

“The main challenge we face as a band that plays predominantly rock music is that…you are competing with other genres…If other genres of music have a larger audience, that means from a marketing standpoint, you find radio station playing them…” – George Gachiri, rhythm guitarist of Kanyeki. Also guitarist of Hybrid Intuition.

  • Summit: digital platform for creatives.
  • When?
  • Process of submitting creative work?
  • Guidelines to reduce bias and discrimination?

“It’s not easy to shoot [music videos] in Nairobi. Getting permits is a problem. With “Hello Light” we went at night… set up quickly, shoot and move out before anyone notices anything…if you wait to get all the permits, it’s just too much of a process.” – Murfy’s Flaw. Question 5, minute 1:18

  • Governor Sakaja: permission for filming to be done in Nairobi. 
  • Is it actually safe to do so or will there be running battles with Kanjo? (“Sakaja waives permit fees for photographers and filmmakers in Nairobi. September 28th 2022, “Sakaja stated that he was keeping his promise to the creative economy to make a living without being harassed by authorities.”

“…support or finances to foot the video-shooting bill.” – James, Lead singer of Kanyeki. (Minute 3:11)

Wishlist: Soundtrack for film and TV. “It would be a great thing to have bands’ music playing to support the local scene.” –Cyrus, Kanyeki drummer. (Minute 2:19)

  • Creatives summit: free legal services. (Minute 1:10:01 and 1:11:26) 
  • Process of accessing legal services?