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ROFFEKE is proud to partner with Additude Africa
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Thursday, April 23, 2020

Review: Pagando al Barquero (Pay the Ferryman)

Reviewer: Love Kassim

"Logline: Before the terminal boat ride, an old punk rocker travels back in space and time to try to make his life count."

Love the theme... music is great

Sultans, Pharaos, Caesars, Mandarins
all lusted for what Faust once tasted
but neither soothsayers, magicians
or monuments of blood
ever managed to move Caron.
They all sought special treatment,
to be placed above good or evil,
but whether Whores, Queens or Panhandlers,
we must all pay the ferryman

Concept is a tadbit confusing... did the lady pay the tribute to the ferryman? and is that tribute the kid? Who has grown to be that vocalist...

"Synopsis: On his final journey, the ferryman presents an old punk rocker with one ultimate ordeal. Judgement, symbolized in the figure of his young daughter, is held hostage while he chases death in a nightmare run through a tunnel which transports him instantly to the Madrid of his youth."

I see it's a going back in time kind of thing but one wouldn't get it if they have never seen similar themes.

"Shedding off the years and old age as he runs, he tries desperately to pass the trial and pay for the continuity of his child, before his own blood runs the last few drops of his existence through the hourglass of eternity."

The video reminds me of the supposed molten sulphur river where grim reaper sails you across to meet your doom.

Disrobe of your name and unmask your face,
where you're going you won’t be needing them
for as tears in rain your memories dissolve
in the voices of an immortal stream.
Your deadline is now being met,
you had your time to learn the lesson:
you only take what you leave behind,
once you pay the ferryman

I love the quality of the video.

Check out stills from the music video as you listen to an audio review by Winnie Miriti: