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ROFFEKE is proud to partner with Additude Africa
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Monday, December 24, 2012

Parking Lot Grass Gig, Giggling Metal Rockers and Will Rauser Interview Part 2

Yesterday I attended the Parking Lot Grass gig at Choices. It started late. VERY  late. So I only stayed for forty five minutes of the show. However, I was quite impressed with what I saw and heard from this very talented band that is synonymous with “Swahili Rock”.  (I will post a detailed review of the gig before the new year). As is not uncommon in our beloved Kenya, there was a power black out while the amazing lead singer of Parking Lot Grass was in the middle of a particularly spirited version of a popular rock song. That incident reminded me that I was yet to post the second part of the Will Rauser interview where he talks about the best and worst gigs he’s been involved with. Here then is the second part of the interview. 

And regarding the tardiness of Parking Lot Grass, I will just quote what Will Rauser said in the first part of the interview: “Another deal breaker is lack of professionalism: You can be an amateur band and still act like professionals. Be polite to whoever brings your band in, treat other bands with respect (even if they don't deserve it), be ON TIME (that is a huge one)…”

Mildred: So what's the best thing about being in a band? And the worst? Which was your best and worst gig?

Will: Wow...let's see (I feel like I am being

Mildred: Ahem. You actually are. Sorry, it's the writer in me lol! *switching off the writer in me*

Will: Oh I love being interviewed...I could talk your ear

Mildred: And I must say you are very easy to interview.

Will: The best thing about being in a band? The camaraderie, and, of course, the music. There's nothing like jamming together and sounding powerful and knowing that an audience digs your music. The worst thing about being in a band? I really can't think of a bad thing. I guess any drama that happens would be...but drama happens in all aspects of life, so I really don't count that.

Mildred: Yeah, I love music and I know I could do it as a solo artist but there is just something special about being in a band. What you said, the camaraderie. One of the MANY reasons I love U2 is that it is so obvious that they enjoy performing together. Your worst gig?

Will: The worst gig? You know, I think the worst gig we ever played was when we were a 3 piece band and we played on Fort Bragg at the fair, and it was 96 that day, and my amp blew a fuse right in the middle of the set. I had to get Bob and Jay to stretch while I trouble shooted the amp...and I had to plug my little guitar processor into the PA just to finish the show. The sound stunk, but I finished the gig!

Mildred: lol! At least you finished the gig. Your best one?

Will: Our best gig? I would have to say that we played a little converted mechanic's garage in a little coastal town here in North Carolina (Beulaville, I think) and Bobby (drums) and I visited the site 2 weeks before the show and it really looked horrible. In two weeks, that little youth group cleaned and fixed that place up, and it was awesome! And they were the BEST audience we ever played for. That room is on our video. You know, there was one OTHER BEST gig we had: We ended up playing a local bar (which we rarely do) and THEY treated us better than many of the Christian events we have played. I got great sound from the sound guy (he knew his stuff) and after we were done, the owner of the bar came up to me. I went to shake his hand (he was a HUGE biker guy) and he gave me a big old hug and said we were welcome there any time.

Mildred: (thinking: Awwwwww!) Speaking of youth groups and bars, is your band a "Christian band" or a band that plays Christian music? As a musician do you struggle with playing "secular" music?

Will: That's a difficult question, of which I have a lengthy answer None of us have a personal problem with playing secular music as a profession, or listening (within reason...there's just some stuff that ought to be avoided); BUT, we are a Christian band...meaning that our sole purpose for existence is to herald Jesus Christ to the world...we write our own material, and it is meant to be used for His kingdom and glory.

And with that, I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas! Look out for the final part of the interview before the end of 2012. Meanwhile, enjoy this outtakes video. There’s nothing as funny as metal rockers having an attack of the giggles!