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ROFFEKE is proud to partner with Additude Africa
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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Alien and Alien: Interview - Mariusz Moscicki and Reviews by ROFFEKE Volunteers

"I don't know about you, but I just love that scene from the movie "The Fifth Element" (Bruce Willis, Milla Jovovich) when Leeloo learns what [the] word "WAR" means. This inspired me to make this little animation." - Mariusz Moscicki

Alien visited Earth recently. He saw how people treat animals and each other. He got sick because of the air pollution and chemicals in food. He saw war, terrorism and death. Now because of all of that he can be compensated and law firm Alien & Alien is about to help him.

16:9, stop-motion animation.

Time: 1 minute.

ROFFEKE interviewed the creator and animator of "Alien and Alien", Mariusz Moscicki. His answers were short and to the point, like a commerical, like his animation. :-)

ROFFEKE: How long did it take you to create this animation?
Mariusz: 2 months.

ROFFEKE: What was the hardest part?
Mariusz: House on the rock.

ROFFEKE: Which software/technology, if any, did you use?
Mariusz: None.

ROFFEKE: There are many types of animation. Why did you choose stop-motion?
Mariusz: It's the hardest.

ROFFEKE: Why did you choose to do animation rather than live action?
Mariusz: I love animations.

ROFFEKE: Why did you choose the mock-commercial/ parody advertisement format?
Mariusz: It's a black comedy. I love this kind of humor.

ROFFEKE: Any advice for upcoming animation artists?
Mariusz: Keep your passion alive.

Reviews by ROFFEKE Volunteers

Coming from the perspective of an alien or a creature that is not from earth, this gives an earth resident something to think about in terms of all that’s going on in the world. I love the originality used in this especially the use of candy looking bits to make the characters and most things around them. The camera shots were quite well arranged and the sound is pretty awesome. There were, however, some parts in the commercial that were pretty graphic but I’m sure it was to make sure the message hit home though it could have been executed better without we the viewers getting to see all the blood and dead animals. All in all it was a good short film. - Lesley Gakuo

This video seeks to explain the shortcomings of the society in the World in present time. The law firm is interested in helping in these difficult times. The message being portrayed is very powerful in attracting clients but the quality of animation they used was not that good and was not doing the message justice. I feel like they should have done a better job plus some of the images they used were too gruesome and won't be appropriate to some audiences, for example the ones used to depict war. Overall, I enjoyed the video but I feel they should have done a better job with the animation. - Muthei Muni Nyangweso

I didn't like the video because, first of all the title. From my first impression of the video, based on the title, I was expecting it to be about "Aliens" not a Law firm called "Alien and Alien" so I think they should have chosen a better title for the video. The video itself isn't that interesting too and I don't think being an advertisement it was appropriate to use the picture of the slaughtered cow and the picture of the dead bodies. I don't think it will be comfortable for some audiences. They could have also done a better job with the animation - Ellam Minju Gathendu

"Alien and Alien" is a #ROFFEKEOFFICIALSELECTION2017