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ROFFEKE is proud to partner with Additude Africa
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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Review: The World is Dancing

The World is Dancing
Director: Stefano Bertelli
Producer: Ekat Bort (Artist)
Duration:3mins 53 secs
Country of Origin: Italy
Reviewer: Josephine Koima

Since ROFFEKE has been exploring Films with Sustainable Development Goals’ related themes, this song by Ekat Bort reflects SDG 2: Zero Hunger.Ekat describes her music as ‘explosively sensual'.She displays energy and vigour not only in her video but also in her sound.

This lively video is in a desert setting. The elements of dried up trees, rocky terrain, somewhat desolate environment speaks volumes of what the song is about. She highlights the needs of children in the world, who despite their hunger and crushed dreams, they still manage to find little meaningful happiness in play, laughter and dance. They are innocent and full of hope. We see that through the projections of videos of children on buildings, even though the houses and streets seem deserted.

The lyrics say so much of what should be done to help ‘A lot of children… Live without care,love. They must grow up too fast...We’re tired…we’re hungry, but we’re still dancing. Together we have hope and don`t forget to smile’

You will probably want to watch it more than once, as I did, if you feel that everything’s going too fast. And if you usually like to draw fine distinctions, the video will definitely captivate you, from the drumbeat sounds, to the dancing, to the costumes.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Interview: "Draught" Writer/Director Artem Ukropov

ROFFEKE: Draught was such a fun film to watch. Was it fun to write and direct? What part of writing and/or directing it was difficult? Or was it all fun?

ARTEM: No. For a very long time we discussed every detail of the script, altered the characters' tones and motivations, prepped for the shoot. The hardest scene was the one with all the feathers, as you can imagine. But that scene was probably the most fun.

ROFFEKE: There was a bit of Twilight, American Beauty and Ghostbusters in Draught. Was that deliberate or accidental?

ARTEM: Deliberate. We wanted to stress and accentuate them in some scenes. And as you may have noticed we had quite a few genre cliches. They all play together and are part of our main character, she lives in a fantasy, she lives in her imagination.

ROFFEKE: Some conservative people may not approve of Draught. How do you balance creative freedom versus escaping from being banned by the authorities? What are your thoughts on censorship?

ARTEM: We just wanted to add a little bit of spice, provoke just a bit. But it's all within the limits of the law and there honestly isn't anything improper or obscene.

ROFFEKE: Advice for aspiring screenwriters? Advice for aspiring directors?

ARTEM: Who am I to give advice? For me, it was crucial to have a system, ideally on a spreadsheet based of research. That's how we worked. But that's all very subjective and closer to a craft rather than creativity. But I like that kind of touch and way of working.

ROFFEKE: Your favourite film by a female director?

ARTEM: Filth and Wisdom (Madonna)

"An imaginative girl begins to feel a draft. She tries to find and eliminate the source, which is preventing her from daydreaming about the handsome boy from a nearby window, but no matter what she does, the mysterious source continues to hide and play it's games."