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ROFFEKE is proud to partner with Additude Africa
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Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Artificial Intelligence and Horror: A Halloween Reflection

I was interviewed by Irene Mugo of the Daily Nation about how artificial intelligence is impacting me as a creative. I mentioned that when it comes to AI, I am an optimist but I am also aware of the drawbacks.

Some of my interview answers did not make it to the article so I will share them here. Regarding the drawbacks, I said:

One challenge posed by AI in the creative space is bias. Most, if not all, AI tools are trained on data that is largely Western. This issue is being addressed and corrected but more still needs to be done to ensure that AI tools are representative of diverse cultures, philosophies and aesthetics. Another challenge is the disruption that AI will cause and is causing in the creative space. Many creative jobs will be rendered obsolete or will change drastically due to AI. This presents both a threat and an opportunity. Creatives who upskill and learn to use AI to complement their creative process will be able to ride this AI wave rather than drown in it. I also think there is a big opportunity for educational institutions to begin incorporating topics such as "AI and Creativity" into their curriculum."

I subscribe to David Shapiro's YouTube channel and in his video titled "AGI Revolution: How Businesses, Governments and Individuals can Prepare", he outlines some of the horrors of AI. In the section about "Forever Jobs" (minute 26:14), he points out that even jobs such as "childcare, entertainment, and hospitality" which are deemed "likely to persist due to intrinsic human desire for human-performed services" will not be spared by the AI monster.

I am a fan of psychological horror, where the monster is invisible and therefore more horrific because our imagination becomes very helpful in filling in the blanks.

Artificial Intelligence is that unseen monster that, according to some experts, may literally end the world.

In his video (minute 24:28) David Shapiro talks about Emotional Adaptation, "The range of emotional responses people may experience in response to significant changes..." He lists some of these emotions: "uncertainty, fear, anger, existential dread, anxiety, hope and awe."

One of the interview questions that Irene Mugo asked me was whether artificial intelligence will threaten creativity. I hope my answer to her question will inspire hope and awe in all creatives as we face the wonders and horrors of AI.

As an optimist and as a creative, I do not think AI poses a threat to creativity. Yes, AI can mimic creativity and sometimes can produce creations that are better than what human creatives can produce. However, this in no way is a threat to creativity. The creativity of AI does not take away my creativity. Comparison is the enemy here. I create because it gives me joy, it is a way for me to express myself, to communicate and to create value. There are other creators - both human and AI - who can create things that look or sound better than my creations. However, there is only one me, and no one - whether human or AI - has my unique perspective, experiences, values and beliefs. One could argue that soon, human beings will be able to upload their consciousness to robots and duplicate themselves...but that is a conversation for another time! To quote lines from a song called  “Sons of Robots” by one of my favourite Kenyan rock bands "Rash":

“with all of their technology, they can feel no more.” 

I think as long as we creatives continue to feel, we will always be a step ahead of artificial intelligence.

Saturday, October 7, 2023

The ROFFEKE Chatbot sheds light on ROFFEKE and Experimentation

(The ROFFEKE Chatbot was created via

ROFFEKE Bot: Hi! What can I help you with?

Mildred Achoch: ROFFEKE and Experimentation

ROFFEKE Bot: ROFFEKE values experimentation as part of its core principles. It believes in the power of trying new things, pushing boundaries, and exploring innovative ideas. Through experimentation, ROFFEKE aims to create unique and groundbreaking content in the world of TV, film, and digital media.

(Below is Diego Serebrennik's reading of his poem, accompanied by a video created by AI)


Mildred: Tell me more about ROFFEKE and experimentation

ROFFEKE Bot: ROFFEKE embraces experimentation as a fundamental aspect of its mission. It encourages filmmakers and creators to think outside the box, take risks, and explore unconventional approaches in their work. By fostering an environment of experimentation, ROFFEKE aims to push the boundaries of storytelling and challenge traditional norms in the industry. This allows for the discovery of fresh perspectives, innovative techniques, and groundbreaking narratives that captivate audiences and leave a lasting impact. Through its support of experimentation, ROFFEKE strives to empower filmmakers to unleash their creativity and bring their unique visions to life.

(Below is Martin's reading of his poem "African Drummer" accompanied by a video of his avant-garde drumming)

Mildred: Tell me even more about ROFFEKE and experimentation

ROFFEKE Bot: Certainly! ROFFEKE's commitment to experimentation goes beyond just encouraging filmmakers to think outside the box. It actively seeks out and supports projects that push the boundaries of traditional storytelling and explore new artistic territories. ROFFEKE believes that experimentation is essential for the growth and evolution of the film industry.

Through its various programs, workshops, and seminars, ROFFEKE provides a platform for filmmakers to learn, collaborate, and experiment with different techniques, styles, and genres. It encourages them to take risks, challenge conventions, and explore innovative ways of storytelling.

ROFFEKE also values the feedback and input of its audience. It recognizes that experimentation can sometimes be polarizing, with some viewers embracing the boldness of new ideas while others may find them challenging. However, ROFFEKE believes that through open dialogue and constructive criticism, experimentation can lead to new perspectives and a deeper appreciation for the art of filmmaking.

By embracing experimentation, ROFFEKE aims to foster a vibrant and dynamic film community that celebrates creativity, diversity, and the exploration of new frontiers. It strives to be a catalyst for change and a platform for filmmakers to showcase their unique visions and push the boundaries of what is possible in the world of cinema.

I hope that provides you with a deeper understanding of ROFFEKE's commitment to experimentation. Is there anything else I can assist you with?

(End of chat)

In September, I (Mildred Achoch) experimented with the platform Heysummit, where I organized ROFFEKE Conference 2023. I found the platform to be easy to use and support was offered whenever I had questions or problems. Below is a short video of screenshots from ROFFEKE Conference 2023.

A big thank you to all the speakers and to