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ROFFEKE is proud to partner with Additude Africa
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Friday, July 8, 2022

Reviews: One-Hit Wonder - directed by Amanda Dow

You can watch One-Hit Wonder HERE:

"I love the concept of this video. Was he a ghost? Did the cab lady have something to do with his death? Many musicians are a disturbed lot. With all they go through, it's no surprise this was his way out of misery. To be that creative and still haunted by invisible demons that can't be explained is hurtful. I wanna reach out and just hug them."

Review by Love Kassim.

"I like the suspense - the ride to an undisclosed destination. The conversation is cordial. However, the eventual news hurts. It's a sad twist of fate that he didn't replicate the success of his hit song "Humma Humma Ding Dong". What a tragic demise of a popular celeb devastated by a fallen career. One-Hit Wonder reminds me of a gruesome suicide of a favourite friend I cherished. Like the cab driver, I had just dropped him at his apartment."

Review by ROFFEKE Reviewer.

For information about mental health and creativity, check out ROFFEKE's mental wellness division,

Check out a comparison of: Clay Calloway of Sing 2 and Ellery Demarco of One-Hit Wonder (Directed by Amanda Dow)

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