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ROFFEKE is proud to partner with Additude Africa
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ROFFEKE is proud to partner with
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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Music video production, religion and butt kissing!

Mildred Achoch talks to Martyr’s Truth Records founder Brad Partin about music video production, religion and butt kissing!

Mildred Achoch: What goes into producing a music video?
Brad Partin: $$$
Mildred : (laughs) Of course! Then do you get to pick the director, costumes etc?
Brad: I picked the song. Sorted through some videos by the different camera/video people, and picked the best of the bunch. The costumes were pretty much up to the people in the video and the artist. The folks in the video have to sign releases for their image/photo's to be used (legal crap).
Mildred: Sounds interesting! I plan to direct videos some time in the future…
Brad: You should! I paid good money for that video.
Mildred: But I hate all that legal stuff.
Brad: Legal stuff sucks but it is a necessary evil. I don’t like getting sued. Also, people WILL take advantage of you so you better be careful what you sign off on or agree to do.
Mildred: I would love to be more careful but sometimes I just sign stuff because I need to get paid quickly! Hopefully, after I've won that Oscar, things will be different.
Brad: Starving for your art makes us martyrs. Hence the name of my label. I'll put in a good word for you on that Oscar! (laughs) But you’re gonna have to kiss all the butts on your own.
Mildred: Ah! So that's where the name comes from!!! Mystery solved lol! I have never learned the art of butt kissing. And of course, as a Christian, why should I butt kiss when I have my heavenly Father's favor?
Brad: Word. Truth. The blood/story of the martyrs is the loudest voice there is. God Bless you. Stay gold!

For more information about Martyr’s Truth Records, check out

Link to the music video:

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Monday, November 7, 2011

Quick Skull Drawing :-)

The name of the band that did the song used in this video is "Alter Bridge"

Saturday, October 22, 2011

"Traffic" by Bloodshed

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Homeboyz Animation School

Founded: 2011
Location: Ambar House, 2nd Floor, Next to Click Club (formerly K2), Baricho Rd, Nairobi, Kenya, 00202

A new training center in the heart of Nairobi paving the way to a new age of media production in Kenya and the Eastern African Region.

A state of the art Animation studio offering an intense six month training course designed to offer the student a reliable skill set that includes the latest advances in digital imaging techniques and technology, basic animation skills for character animation and motion graphics and an introduction into the dynamics of the fast growing media industry in Kenya and the world. At the end of this course the student will have acquired skills and learning material that will, in addition to their own personal effort, elevate them to the forefront of media production career opportunities and help build this new exiting industry in Kenya. The course will be a free space that will introduce the student to methods of interaction and learning from valuable personalities and resource all over the world through the internet.

This course is structured around the fast growing phenomenon of online self-improvement that has produced some of the worlds greatest achievements in recent times. We are living in an age when information has become free and easily accessible to anyone anywhere in the world. The days when the only way of acquiring advanced skills and information was by attending expensive colleges and universities sparsely spread around the world are behind us. In additional to the training offered at the Homeboyz animation studio, students will be inducted with online self teaching skills and resource portals that will allow them to update and advance their skills continuously, remaining marketable and becoming growing assets to their clients and employers.

For more details:
Phone: 020 2692394

Sunday, February 27, 2011


John Canciani, from the International Short Film Festival Witnerthur ( contacted me with this information:

“For the 15th edition, taking place from 9th of November till 13th, we are planing to present several programms of Short Movies from the African continent and I'm programming a special evening with the Theme "Heavy Metal" and thats where I would like to ask you if you could help me. First if you can recommend me any short movies from kenya, any genre and films with something to do with heavy metal (or near to this theme) from any country or even from kenya oder african continent.

Besides that, we also have an international competition at the festival. If you know filmmakers in Kenya feel free to ask them to reply at our festival.

If you have any films (less than 30 mins) released during the last two years, we'd be glad if you register for the competition on our website [].

The International Short Film Festival Winterthur is Switzerland's largest and most important short film festival. The festival takes place each year in November. It is a popular audience event and an important platform for short films and professional exchange.

For detailed information visit our Webpage "

Sunday, January 16, 2011

ROFFEKE gets a mention in Wikipedia!

I recently heard about the Rock Society of Kenya so I decided to google to find out more about it. This is when I came across a Wikipeida entry about the Music of Kenya and RSK was mentioned under Rock. I was also pleasantly surprised when I read:

"Organized member bodies such as Wiyathi (now defunct)& Roffeke (Rock 'n' Roll Film Festival Kenya) were fundamental in initially marketing local rock bands in the country by hosting regular shows & helped to establish a vibrant rock community."

It's great to receive some recognition!

Read the whole entry about rock music in Kenya at:

Happy New Year!

Yes, a happy 2011 to everyone! This is the year that ROFFEKE resurrects from a long and fitful slumber. Watch this space for news and updates.