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ROFFEKE is proud to partner with Additude Africa
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ROFFEKE is proud to partner with
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Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Review: Nice Shoes - Written and Produced by Tommy Mack, Directed by Jonathan Lawrence

Reviewer: Tetley

This epic music video has a captivating plot, making reference to over 40 popular Sci-fi movies and shows. A guy abducts an alien during its autopsy and takes it back to its mother-ship in an attempt to rescue it. Touching on space exploration and human experience with complex character exploration from the cast.

There’s nothing fancy about the lyrics. The line,“…At the end of the day, I am everything and I am nothing…” was what saved the otherwise crappy lyrics of the song. Regardless, this epic music video definitely makes your to-watch-before-I-die list.

Reviewer: Love Kassim (June 3rd 2020)

The video is captivating. Definitely in trend considering Space X trials to the moon and over are ongoing. I like the Sci-fi theme, in this case, the shoes being either the aliens or the astronauts. Rammstein meets Limp Bizkit type of vibe. Music is thought provoking; that line "I am everything and I am nothing." 

I love the inclusion of the Star Wars characters. Other Sci-fi references I noticed include Back to the Future, Men In Black, and Terminator.

Note from ROFFEKE: In this poster, there is reference to ET and Lexx. Top left is of course Men In Black. What are the other two Sci-fi shows/movies in this poster? In the music video, the opening is a parody of The Twilight Zone. Check out the whole music video here and see how many Sci-fi references you can list!