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ROFFEKE is proud to partner with Additude Africa
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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Year in Review

December 11, 2006: I jet in back from South Africa, just in time for Jamhuri Day (December 12). It’s soooo good to be back in Kenya. The future seems full of possibilities! 8 months to the first ever Kenyan rock film fesival.

January, 2007: I meet with the audiovisual attaché at the French Embassy regarding a venue and films for the first ROFFEKE. A very kind man. He tells me of the Musique en Scene series which features artists like Les Nubians and a couple of French rock bands. He refers me to someone at the Alliance Francaise.

February 2007: I meet with a very helpful lady from the marketing department of the Kenyatta International Conference Centre. The KICC would be an awesome venue for ROFFEKE!

March 2007: I meet with most of the ROFFEKE founding members for the first time. A lovely (and lively!) group of people. Also, in this month, I learn of a certain rockumentary called Afro-Punk, which is about African American punks.

April 2007: David Hughens, the director of Elvis’ Grave gives ROFFEKE permission to screen his film on the night of Elvis’ 30th death anniversary.

May 2007: I go for a meeting about ROFFEKE at the Kenya Film Commission.

June 2007: Shiku, one of the founding members of ROFFEKE tells me about “Girls Rock”

July 2007: I write the script for the short film “Black Genes”. Another ROFFEKE founding member, Kagure Njagi, shoots and edits it.

August 2007: The first ever ROFFEKE is held at the Pavement club.

September 2007: I attend a scriptwriting workshop that takes place during the Kenya International Film Festival. The workshop was facilitated by Gaston Kabore, a filmmaker from Burkina Faso and the founder of a film school called “Imagine” (

October 2007: I attend a scriptwriting course at the Godown Arts Centre. The course is facilitated by Charles Liburd. As part of the course, we watch Die Hard 4. There is one scene in the movie where they show a part of Flyleaf’s music video for “I’m so sick”

November 2007: I think I’m so sick of ROFFEKE. I wrestle with giving up.

December 2007: I am getting restless again. The airport is beckoning me again. A few days to the general elections. I will vote for the first time. I am disillusioned.