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ROFFEKE is proud to partner with Additude Africa
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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Reviews: The Milk Walk

Director: Sascha Taylor Larsen
Writer: Sascha Taylor Larsen
Cast: Gjermund Gjesme
Origin; USA
Genre: Short, Comedy, Fantasy, Mystery
Duration: 6:18 minutes

The film is about a man who has lost control of his body. The only thing that is on his mind is milk. He remembers that someone asked him to bring milk. He had already bought he milk, but because of his lack of control, he forgets that he did. He also acts insane which is evident in the way he growls. The only way he can regain control and sanity is by retracing his steps back to where he bought the milk.

In my opinion, I think Sascha wants the people who feel that they have no control over what is happening in their lives because of different things, to know that by going back to the drawing board: where it all started, they can get their control back.

The film is an example of creativity at its best. From the composition of the scenes, the light, and sound effects, to the camera controls and shooting angles. Everything about it is just perfect. The symbolism in it will keep your mind stimulated.

This is a film that WILL BLOW YOU AWAY!

- Njau M.

A man goes through a tough time as he is unable to control his body movements. He roams from street to street as he tries to come in terms with reality. Other people look at him as if he is an alien. He experiences a lot of hallucinations. Images displayed are of high quality. The film was shot at night which was ideal. The music blended well with the film’s storyline and it kept one in suspense. One gets in a scary mood as he watches the film. It is a must-watch video for horror/suspense/thriller movie lovers.

- Edward Mimi

The shocking burst of music alerted me that the film was going to be bizarre. This was cemented by the fact that that music ended abruptly into some street conversation. Throughout the film, the changes in the tempo of the music were able to alert me to expect a change of character. The shattering glass was also disturbing because, at that point, the bottle of milk was whole.

The subject matter was in line with the title, although the mission was not accomplished, as he never took any milk home. The photograph and video alterations were splendid, especially the zooming in and out scenes. What astonished me was the disturbed behavior of the main character, the quarrelsome noises he kept hearing in his head and the panic attacks.
The acting was so genuine that I hoped the character would get a solution to his mental problem. He visibly expressed pain, torment, anger, at the thought of a near empty milk bottle. However, at some point, the demonic seizures, wild animal-like grunts and crawling seemed exaggerated.

I liked the scene where he pictured himself coming out of the milk bar with a full bottle of milk and him behaving normally. Throughout the film, there was continuous suspense. It was frustrating to watch the continued cycle of mental anguish, especially when he dropped the full glass of milk.

- Linet Njenga

I love the manner that the actor portrays his lack of control over his own body by regularly twitching his arms and walking in a stooping posture. The fight to regain control over his own body is accentuated by his incessant distraction by even the most mundane night-time events such as dog barks. His affinity for milk combined with the trance-like music create a thrilling sense of objective as the crazed man struggles to find his own sanity while remembering to get the milk as instructed. The semi-naked actor completely owned his role, to the extent that one would be tempted to replay the entire video!

- Ernest Komu