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ROFFEKE is proud to partner with Additude Africa
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Friday, December 11, 2020

“That girl hitting the piñata was an act of resistance” - Review of Rockumentary directed by Nelson Varas-Diaz

 Can I just say that girl hitting the piñata was an act of resistance?”

So begun Love Kassim’s comments regarding “Acts of Resistance: Heavy Metal Music in Latin America” At first I laughed but after reflecting for a few seconds, I replied:

“Actually your comment is very profound now that I think about it. A few people at the top are holding all the resources. We little people (We are the 99 percent) need to hit that piñata till we can access what is rightfully ours!”

My comment may have been influenced by my week-long, virtual attendance of the Democracy and Rights Festival. For more information about this and to check out my tweets and those of other “keyboard warriors” check out the hashtag #DemocracyAndRightsFestival

Love Kassim agreed with me about the piñata being a metaphor for resources: “It really is. You have to struggle and shake it out from the people on top to get basic needs.”

She went on to comment:

I love this rockumentary. It shows how metal music in Latin America has affected the way people view their history as a countryThese bands have challenged me .I now see the world broadly.

Books as entry f(r)ee? Now tell me if that isn't genius. That right there is an act of change and resistance. Metalheads doing concerts to get their friend freed and also educating others? Man oh man. Mind blown.

I always hear Medellin and think of drugs, cartels, death...the concerts and tats...and government actually recognising the fact that these concerts have an impact on not only tourism but that they also bring people of all walks of life together.

And people demanding for their rights in metal music? Phenomenal.

The theme is awareness brought by metal music on resistance and I see how it correlates with our situation [in Kenya]. This country needs an awakening and I'm happy bands here are addressing such situationsOr rather starting to.

Kenyan rock bands such as Rash and Parking Lot Grass have sung against corruption. I replied:

I am so proud of our bands. I think this is the power of rock. You can't ignore the problems in society. Yes, we have fun, but many rockers are always conscious of inequalities and injustice. It's in the DNA of rock ‘n’ roll, it being descended from songs sung by African slaves in America.

Watch "Acts of Resistance: Heavy Metal Music in Latin America" here: