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ROFFEKE is proud to partner with Additude Africa
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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Music video production, religion and butt kissing!

Mildred Achoch talks to Martyr’s Truth Records founder Brad Partin about music video production, religion and butt kissing!

Mildred Achoch: What goes into producing a music video?
Brad Partin: $$$
Mildred : (laughs) Of course! Then do you get to pick the director, costumes etc?
Brad: I picked the song. Sorted through some videos by the different camera/video people, and picked the best of the bunch. The costumes were pretty much up to the people in the video and the artist. The folks in the video have to sign releases for their image/photo's to be used (legal crap).
Mildred: Sounds interesting! I plan to direct videos some time in the future…
Brad: You should! I paid good money for that video.
Mildred: But I hate all that legal stuff.
Brad: Legal stuff sucks but it is a necessary evil. I don’t like getting sued. Also, people WILL take advantage of you so you better be careful what you sign off on or agree to do.
Mildred: I would love to be more careful but sometimes I just sign stuff because I need to get paid quickly! Hopefully, after I've won that Oscar, things will be different.
Brad: Starving for your art makes us martyrs. Hence the name of my label. I'll put in a good word for you on that Oscar! (laughs) But you’re gonna have to kiss all the butts on your own.
Mildred: Ah! So that's where the name comes from!!! Mystery solved lol! I have never learned the art of butt kissing. And of course, as a Christian, why should I butt kiss when I have my heavenly Father's favor?
Brad: Word. Truth. The blood/story of the martyrs is the loudest voice there is. God Bless you. Stay gold!

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