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ROFFEKE is proud to partner with Additude Africa
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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Review: An Angel's Tale (ROFFEKE OFFICIAL SELECTION 2015)

Review by Josephine Koima: Intern

Director: Sara Boix Grau
Country of origin: Canada
Category: Animation
Duration: 2:43 minutes

I personally really love animated films because they defy almost everything we are used to as being ‘normal’ and ‘ordinary’ For example ,characters in such films can stretch, tear, melt, explode, fall from very high places and still remain alive, creating humor in the process.

An Angel’s tale is of such a nature. An angel is kicked out of heaven, quite literally because he creates a disturbance among the other angles. I know that for most of people, when we think of heaven, we think of mellow, preferably exquisite harmonic sounds, beat-less melody and therefore any instrument far off from an electric guitar like the harps used by two angels. Then comes this different angel, who enjoys hard rock music. He is thrown out of heaven by an irate fellow angel and falls to earth, and then tries to find his way back.

This fallen angel is different, and not just his choice of music. His wings are shorter, not sturdy as with the other angels. Perhaps this is why he cannot easily fly back to heaven. Or when he tries to, he cannot leave behind his beloved guitar and amplifier.
Sara Boix’s character is true to the spirit of rock n’ roll; expressing sheer joy and energy to what he likes, and remaining non-conforming. This film teaches one that, there’s nothing wrong with being different, and not being ordinary.

Bluegrass is greener in Kenya!

Thanks to the Friday 29th July episode of The Trend hosted by Larry Madowo, bluegrass has begun to grow in Kenya! Henhouse Prowlers, a bluegrass band from Chicago, performed a wonderful cover version of Sauti Sol’s “Sura Yako”, complete with the trademark bluegrass instruments: upright bass, acoustic guitar, banjo and mandolin. The only instruments missing were the fiddle and washboards :-)

Bluegrass is a close cousin to country music and Kenya is no stranger to country music. The very popular Sundowner show on KBC has for many years featured country music greats such as Kenny Rogers, Dolly Parton, Skeeter Davis and Roger Whittaker who was born and brought up in Kenya.

Roger Whittaker’s 1975 song “The Last Farewell” was number one in 11 countries and the king himself, Elvis, recorded it. “His drummer told me that, when they were preparing to record anything, Elvis would play my version of The Last Farewell about 20 times over to people in the studio, and he’d say ‘and that’s how we should make records…’ “ Whittaker says in this article

I got introduced to Bluegrass via Voice of America’s “Roots and Branches” (hosted by Katherine Cole) and my passion for it was further fueled by “Under the Radar” (the home of gourmet music). So which are my top 5 bluegrass/bluegrass-inspired songs? I’m glad you’ve asked! Below are my top 5:

5. The Big Reprise by Catie Curtis.

The church went down and it didn't go gently
The burning steeple fell right onto Main Street
The old stained glass exploded
Pieces of Jesus at my feet
Molten broken Jesus at my feet

Sample it here

4. “Barbed Wire Boys” by Claire Lynch

3. “Redemption Day” by Sheryl Crow (covered by the great Johnny Cash!)

2. "He ain’t never done me nothin’ but good" by The Isaacs

1. “Build your Kingdom Here” by Rend Collective