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ROFFEKE is proud to partner with Additude Africa
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ROFFEKE is proud to partner with
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Friday, June 16, 2017

Review: Don't you have a good feeling?

“Dont You Have a Good Feeling?” is a touching and emotive film about how people treat others. This is a film that everyone should watch and learn from.”

- Edward Mimi.

What is the benefit of kindness? One might wonder. Regis Terencio in his film "Dont you have a good feeling?” seeks to answer this question. In the film whose main theme is kindness, Terencio tells the story of a poor and hopeless street worker who is used to people playing tricks on him. The film utilizes narration - instead of characters’ dialogue - and acting. The two elements complement each other well. The choice of music creates a dramatic effect as it matches the emotions elicited by the narration and acting. One setback of the film is that the street worker ,though depicted as poor by the narration, is well groomed and well-dressed than someone who is poor and hopeless.

- Jedidah Nguyo

What got my attention was the clarity of the film; it was picture perfect. The music was cool and relaxing. It would have been nice if there was some suspense music during the moments we were being kept in suspense. The positive aspect of this short film is that the lesson (kindness) is applicable in everyday life. The theme was appropriate and was in line with the title although the kind act would have been more powerful if it was performed on a poorer looking person, like a street person or a dirty and shabbily dressed person. Now, to the quality of acting. The couple was acting. It didnt come out as a natural occurrence, especially the young man. The sweeper too should have drunk the water thirstily and not poured it on his head. However, I was kept in suspense throughout the viewing. Very interesting, I would award it 4 out of 5 stars.

- Linet Njenga

Dont you have a good feeling is a fascinating movie that I admire because of the hard to get lady vs. man- of- effort notion. The ladys self-respect and endeavor to test the guys love fascinates. The facial expressions portray romance. The music instrumentals are cool and stimulate a breeze of love in the atmosphere of the viewer. The subject matter of the film is affection and the extent to which it gets in tracing its true path between the prospective lovers. The enactment is realistic and creative in an appropriate setting; with the lady eventually opening up to her love.

- ROFFEKE Reviewer

This film is about touching other people's life in a positive way, how a simple kind gesture can brighten another person's day. It's shot in a park which is in an urban setting. The cinematography and the sound are excellent. The soothing background music reflects the exact mood of the story. The acting is on point, feelings and actions are projected conspicuously such that even in the absence of dialogue you can clearly get the message. Nevertheless, the film would have been more exciting if we heard the cast speak as opposed to having a narrator. Worth Watching.

- Marion Njau