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ROFFEKE is proud to partner with Additude Africa
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ROFFEKE logo by Jozie of Kenyan band 'Murfy's Flaw'

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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Of Sons of Robots, Robot Dreams Made Flesh and Wearable Android

“Sons of Robots” by Kenyan rock band RASH

“With everyone on their computers, phones, I-pads, games, and other sorts of gadgets, humanity has come to a point in which it is predominantly composed of slaves of technology... or rather "Sons of Robots"...

Robot Dreams Made Flesh by Robert Lyons (ROFFEKE OFFICIAL SELECTION)

An optical FX experiment combining time lapse photography with in-camera multiple exposures on 16mm film using Bolex cameras and an Oxberry animation stand. The subject is model maker/animator Michael Sullivan at work on his stop motion opus "The Sex Life of Robots". The music is "Five" by the Hadron Big Bangers.

Wearable Android by Keita Nishida (ROFFEKE OFFICIAL SELECTION)

Luci Döll's review: "Sitting on a bed of a funky bassline, is this hilarious look at how we tie ourselves to technology and how much technology owns us. This is literally laugh-out-loud funny."

ROFFEKE: What inspired you to make this very unique and entertaining short film?

Keita Nishida: "Wearable Android" was made as one of Japanese comedy movies project "TETSUDON -THE CRAZIEST SHORT FILMS FROM JAPAN-". I wanted to make a nonsense film. "Android" means both a smartphone OS and a robot that looks like a person. What if an android smartphone was a robot-like human? It sounded funny to me.I tried.I think it became a film which was not only nonsense, but also was satirical.

ROFFEKE: How long did it take you to make it?

Keita Nishida: 3days shooting. Including pre-production and post-production, it took 3 months.

ROFFEKE: What challenges did you face when making "Wearable Android"?

Keita Nishida: The hardest problem was the actors carrying the "android" while running. The actors had given up.HAHAHA.

ROFFEKE: Which are your favourite Japanese rock bands?

Keita Nishida: I like:The Blue Hearts (already broke up);SUPERCAR (already broke up);NUMBER GIRL (already broke up);Maximum The Hormone (Active).And I love the Clash and the Smiths too. Alicesailor (the actress in "Wearable Android") is the vocalist for the Amaryllis.

ROFFEKE: What was it about ROFFEKE that made you submit your film to the festival?

Keita Nishida: The name of the film festival is Rock'n Roll!I love Rock'n Roll. And I want to go to Kenya and Africa once, though I don't know I can go to ROFFEKE yet. Anyway, ROFFEKE has a very exciting name to me.