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ROFFEKE is proud to partner with Additude Africa

ROFFEKE is proud to partner with Additude Africa
"Additude Africa promotes time credits as a means of encouraging the youth to be involved in community building activities in order to add a new dimension in their lives and make a positive contribution to their communities."

ROFFEKE is proud to partner with

ROFFEKE is proud to partner with
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Monday, September 9, 2019



5:00-5:30 Registration, Refreshments, Entertainment (Entertainment by DJ Hueskillz).

5:30-5:35 Introduction/Welcoming Remarks by Mildred Achoch (Founder, ROFFEKE)

5:35-5:45 Speaker Session: "Emotional pain fuels suicide" by James Kinyala Nyiva (Actor and filmmaker)

5:45-5:55 Short Film/Music video Screenings
Wonton Raptor directed by Robert David Duncan
Contagious directed by Neil Haeems and Raviv Haeems
Broken Lullaby directed by Stella Rosen and Bill McGarvey

5.55-6:00 Spoken Word Session by Jefferson Kinuthia (Filmmaker and poet)
A girl commits suicide. Her ghost discovers people’s opinions of the suicide.

6.00-6:05 Speaker Session: "Environ-Mental Health" by Emma Ochieng (Founder of “Towards a better earth” initiative)

6.05-6:10 Speaker Session:
Why are suicide cases on the rise among youth?
What are the leading reasons for this increase in suicide cases?

by Kelvin Mabonga (Founder, Mabbo Creative Ltd, creative director of WATTS-UP magazine)

6.10-6:15 Speaker Session: EMT Experiences by Jacktone Tamba

6.15-6:20 Speaker Session: "Reaching out: Being a friend no matter what"
Mary Kiio, director of Roshani Consultancy Services (Roshani CS) will speak on the impact losing a friend to suicide had on her and what she is doing in her own small way to reach out to others so that no other friend is a suicide statistic. Mary Kiio

6:20-6:40 Short Film Screening
Nevermind directed by Jean-Marc E. Roy
Tap directed by Joseph Ochieng

6:40-6:50 Speaker Session: "Psychological reprieve approach to minimize suicide" by Dr. Shevvy Mugweru (A and E psychiatry/EMT)

6:50-6:59 Short Film Screening
PHAT Girl performed and directed by One Single Rose aka Rosemarie Wilson (Filmmaker/Poet)

7:00-7:25 Panel Session followed by Q and A

7:25-7:30 Vote of Thanks, Speed Networking, Guest leave

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ROFFEKE and LTMHK World Suicide Prevention Day Event: Speakers and Panelists Bios

Hiram Chomba is a Psychotherapist working at Befrienders Kenya. He also works as a Suicodologist at Befrienders Kenya. He is a member of the International Association for Suicide Prevention. He is passionate about preventing suicide and raising awareness on mental health.

Keziah Githinji is a PhD film scholar and a film lecturer. She is passionate about dealing with films on maternal health & mental health.

Mary Kiio is the director of Roshani Consultancy Services (Roshani CS). She conducts customized media engagement trainings for journalists and organizations interested in working with the media, and is a communication practitioner. Mary is also a freelance journalist and author of a children's book. She serves as an editorial board member of the Kenya Farmer Journal, a publication of the Agricultural Society of Kenya (ASK).

Jefferson Kinuthia is a filmmaker by profession. Poetry is his talent. He loves spending time alone “coz that’s when creative thinking happens.”

James Kinyala Nyiva is a 21 year old award winning actor (MVT Awards). He is a director and a filmmaker but specializes in acting. He loves true stories, which is why he creates films based on true stories. He is a mentor and gives back to society.

Kelvin Mabonga is a graphic designer and a creative director of WATTS-UP Magazine. He holds a degree in communication and graphic design. He is the founder of Mabbo Creative Ltd. He is also an organizing committee member of East Africa Women in Energy Conference and Awards, a council member of FGM to STEM initiative of Women in Energy in partnership with Amref Health Africa. He is passionate about the involvement of youth in the SDGs, communication for development paradigms, climate change, and clean energy.

Doctor Shevvy Mugweru is a medic with eight years experience. He has worked at KENWA, Aphia plus, Nairobi Hospital, D.O.D and now works in a private practice. He specializes in A and E Psychiatry and EMT.

Mwari Muthaura is an independent health practioner and consultant. She graduated from Wheaton Graduate School in Illinois, Chicago with an M.A. in Clinical Psychology. She also holds a B.A. in Social Work.

Emma Ochieng is an environmentalist and the founder of an initiative dubbed “Towards a better earth”. She is also a student pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce degree. Twitter: @emmaochieng5

David Ogot is a published author and multiple award-winning print and electronic journalist who earlier on almost had his career cut short permanently by his now raging disease of alcoholism. He finally managed to end a 27-year drug use and abuse “career” which included several suicide attempts, before founding in February 2001 the goinghomedotcom Trust, a media NGO and an organization of addicts and those affected by addiction. The organization agitates for the rights of addicts, while also carrying out awareness, prevention, counselling, treatment, social reintegration, as well as policy formulation activities. #ulizakiatus

Jacktone Tamba has been in the field of pre-hospital care for 19 years. He has been an EMT for 10 years and has worked with several ambulance providers including Kenya Red Cross. He is currently with Medecins Sans Frontiers.

Popularly known in the showbiz world as Jemedari, Joseph Wambua is a Musician, Elite MC, Voice Artist, Biker, Ad Exec and recently taking on the new challenge of being a Mental Health Champion. He has been vocal in different circuits concerning mental health and uses his experiences of the same to talk about suicide prevention, trigger management and alternative approaches to wellness.

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"Mpenzi" by Simply beautiful sign language!

I have always wanted to learn sign language. I think it is so beautiful and graceful. So when I was introduced to someone who knows sign language, I asked her if she could translate the chorus of a Kenyan rock song into sign language. Check out the result: