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ROFFEKE is proud to partner with Additude Africa
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Monday, December 27, 2021

ROFFEKE Interviews: 2021 and top 21 from previous years

I do not outsource the very important task of posting ROFFEKE interviews on the ROFFEKE blog. This is because I greatly respect the diverse points of views of the interviewed filmmakers. I respect the fact that they have taken time to focus and answer the interview questions, in a world that is increasingly becoming a hotbed of distractions, with a thousand and one things - both important and insignificant - clawing for our limited resource, time.

The interviewees can testify that I tend to leave their interview answers intact. The result is a wealth of insightful and diverse thoughts, processes and influences of ROFFEKE filmmakers from all over the world. I love it!

Below are links to the 2021 interviews, followed by a compilation of the top 21 most viewed ROFFEKE interviews.

Wishing the Kenyan rock scene and the ROFFEKE community a very happy, prosperous, healthy and peaceful 2022!

Mike Messier: Lessons from 2020, New novel, Screenwriting versus Novel writing

Interview: Egor Gavrilin - Director of The Bluestocking Music Video for "Never Ready"

Interview with Teddy Gitau, Kirimi Kiage and Blake Simpson - Scriptwriters of "Tethered"

Interview: Max Sparber - one of the screenwriters of Tomi Thirteen

Top 21 Most Viewed ROFFEKE Interviews

Dr. Robert David Duncan on improv acting, collaborating and giving back (over 1500 views)

Interview: YJ Kim - writer/director of Chemical (over 800 views)

ROFFEKE chats with Nambari Tisa of Murfy’s Flaw about music video directing and the movie store problem! (over 650 views)

Interview: "Elemento" director Nina Paola Marin Diaz (Colombia) - (Over 600 views)

Interview: Fanis Topsachalidis - Director of "Slingshot" (Over 500 views)

Interview: Giancarlo Fusi, screenwriter of "Hell Hound - The Legend of Robert Johnson" (Over 400 views)

Jonathan LaPoma: 67 Awards and Honors for his screenplays (Over 300 views)

Interview: Steven C. Knapp - Director of music video for "Rhythm in the Spirit" by Kansas (284 views)

Of Sons of Robots, Robot Dreams Made Flesh and Wearable Android (277 views)

Interview: Kurt No.5 - directed by Aleksandr Kirienko (271 views)

Interview: Measure of a Man (269 views)

Spirit Dance: A Screenplay by Kitania Kavey (268 views)

Interview: Alexander Thomas, writer/director of "Beverley" (268 views)

Interview: Maxime Guérin - Director of "Save Me a Dance" (267 views)

Interview: Alec Herron - Producer of "The Music Stops Here" (261 views)

Interview: "Brother" director Captain Chambers (252 views)

Interview: "Fat Punk" director Robert David Duncan (248 views)

Interview: "Draught" Writer/Director Artem Ukropov (238 views)

Josep Calle Buendia, The Devil’s Nephew and a Fairy Tale! (208 views)

Rock is Not an Attitude: Short Film by XIAOXIAO TANG (203 views)

"Everytime I See You I Go Wild": Directed by Paul D. (203 views)